Bread of Life History

Bread of Life
Bread of Life Bible Study Course, Vol 1

Bread of Life History

The Bread of Life Bible Study Course Book was initially compiled in 2001 from a series of individual lessons. These lessons were originally being taught to inmates in a classroom setting in the Leon County Jail, Tallahassee Florida, from notes Chaplain Ted L. Warmack had accumulated over the years.

The inmate response to the lessons was overwhelming, and these soon evolved into a series of written lessons titled “The Bread of Life.” This allowed the lessons to reach a far greater number of people and gave the students some notes and references to hang on to. As demand for the studies grew, the Lord led us to the next step. This collection of Bible Lessons was subsequently put into book form and published in 2002. This was a blessing in many ways: Primarily it reduced the cost of mailing individual lessons to inmates who had moved on, and gave us a much broader distribution. It also gave us a marketable book to augment the cost of materials, supplies and publishing. For simplicities sake, the lessons were divided into five (5) categories, or series. These were arranged in the order of: Spirit, Devotional, Doctrinal, Future Prophecy, and Christian Growth Series. While the Spirit Series was arranged in a particular sequence, those following are simply arranged to ground the student in the fundamentals of the Christian faith and aid in their Spiritual growth. Since it’s initial publication, The Bread Of Life Bible Study Course has far surpassed it’s original purpose of helping inmates to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and grow spiritually. The Lord has graciously allowed this work to spread into the Christian community from shore to shore in this country and others around the world. God has blessed this Bible Course well beyond our abilities and efforts. It’s all about HIM!

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Proceeds from this work (along with donations) are used to print more BOL books and to purchase Bibles and other materials, primarily for our ministry. Others who are using the BOL Bible Study Course outside of our own facility include:

Inmates: BOL books are furnished free to requesting inmates anywhere. Bible Believer’s Outreach currently has some 6,000 students in thirty seven (37) states from Hawaii to Maine as well as several prison inmates in South Africa.

Preachers & Teachers: Numerous preachers and teachers around the country are using BOL Courses in their churches and prison ministries. We presently have associate schools in Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas. In addition, we have also donated books to children’s homes and drug rehabilitation programs.

Missionaries: We donate BOL books to missionaries for their work. We have received and granted requests from six missionaries to translate the entire book into: Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Thai, German, and Spanish.

 Foreign Pastors & Preachers: On request we have donated BOL books to laborers in Thailand, Australia, Philippines, East Nepal, Sierra Leone, Zambia, France, India and England, for use in their ministries.

 South America: Dr. Jeff McArdle translated the BOL Book into Spanish and we published that version which is available and now in use in Cuba and South America by missionaries there.

What a blessing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed that what began as a little jail ministry with 500 inmates (now 1,000) would evolve into an international ministry. As I have mentioned, we have been blessed far beyond what we ever deserved and stand amazed at what God has done.

We humbly pray that this book will be a blessing to those who are seeking Him and that the Lord Jesus Christ will be honored and glorified through His Truth in these simple lessons.

Chaplain Ted L. Warmack DD

Ted L Warmack
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