Ted L. Warmack

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of our dear brother in Christ, Ted L. Warmack on September 12, 2018; as he is now with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Testimony for God’s Man ~ Doctor Peter Ruckman

Ted L Warmack
Chaplain Ted L Warmack DD –  Author and Founder of Bible Believers Outreach, Inc

First of all, I thank God for my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who loved me enough to come down out of the glories of Heaven to suffer, bleed, and die, for an undeserving, wretched soul like mine.  Secondly, I am thankful for the faithfulness of Godly men, saved before me, who remained true to God’s instructions to preach, and teach the Book, and to seek the souls of the lost for the cause of Christ. The following is a testimony of what one of those faithful men, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman has meant to me and the ministry.

God called me to: Dr. Ruckman’s Ministries, Bible Baptist Church and Pensacola Bible Institute were instrumental in my salvation. My brother, Ellis Oliver, while a student at PBI solicited students and church members to pray for me and my other brother Glen.  After four long years those prayers finally brought this sinner to his knees and I surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Brother Glen was saved later as well. I believe I am saved today because of those prayers.

Just before he graduated, brother Ellis lead me to the Lord Jesus Christ on November 21, 1980 the day of my stepfather’s funeral.  Although I realized almost immediately that something was different, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine what would come from the transformation that took place that day, and that God would call this undeserving vessel to serve.

Soon, I was directed to a Bible Believing Church (pastored by a PBI student) but rebelled initially and had to ask God to “help me & change my heart,” because I knew I should be in church.   The Lord answered my prayer, and as I began to read and study my King James Bible I was soon drawn to it by that unseen power. Then, I received gifts of Clarence Larkins Book on Dispensational Truth, and a commentary on Revelation by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, along with his personal testimony on tape.  Listening to the tape I thought, “well at least you don’t have to be a sissy to be a Christian! This ole boy sounds like he’s been down the same road I have.”  Although the books were strong meat for a new Christian, they worked especially good for me.

Once through the Bible and another couple of Dr. Ruckman’s commentaries, I was hopelessly hooked as a Bible Believer!  If I had started out in anything but a Bible Believing Church, and not had the benefit of Dr. Ruckman’s wisdom in rightly dividing the Bible, I believe I would have returned to the world in a matter of months.  There is no power where the KJV is not preached and taught without compromise.

As it was, soon after word got around that I was saved and going to church the Christians (so called) at my work place started coming out of the woodwork to proselyte me.  Southern Baptist, charismatic, and Church of Christ. The good, the bad and the ugly!  One or two of these would quote a lot of Scripture and were intimidating to me because I didn’t know how to respond to the tongues, healing, and water baptism issues.  I didn’t believe them however, and began to study Doc’s books and tapes on these subjects and shortly the intimidating shoe was on the other foot. I won some early battles before I even got out of “boot camp” and realized that it was going to be an endless fight and that I needed to prepare myself.  My mission to find the truth had begun.  For the next five years I devoured all of Doc’s books, and commentaries along with hundreds of classroom and teaching tapes my brother gave me. By now I would take on anybody with my King James Bible regarding doctrinal matters.

I had begun preaching at the Leon county Jail in 1983. In March of 1985 I walked into the Sheriff’s office to visit with the Chaplain, only to find he had resigned five minutes earlier. Within a few days I was the part time Chaplain and later moved to full-time in 1989 with our new 1,300 bed Jail on the horizon. Now the battle really began, but I knew I had found my mission field and felt confident armed with the Bible knowledge I had learned from Doc and his material.  From the beginning I had a burning desire to win souls and teach others as he had taught me. I have learned a great deal more than Bible from Dr. Ruckman. From watching him I have learned how to channel my strengths (good and bad) to the cause of Christ.

Over the years as I have visited Bible Baptist Church at the Blow-Outs and graduation times I have received some of the greatest blessings of my Christian life.  Plain and simple, it is not the same anywhere else.  Another landmark in my ministry was when Doc started coming to our Jail in 1994 to preach and draw for our inmates. To this day it is the highlight of our Chaplaincy Special Programs every year.  The inmates love him and the response is always great. It is seldom we have less than 100 saved. These are first time conversions, not “retreads.”   These are also times I look forward to fellowship with the man I have learned so much from over the years.  He has become a great friend over these years and I look forward to more if the Lord tarries.

Dr. Ruckman put our ministry, Bible Believer’s Outreach “on the map” by putting the Bread of Life Correspondence Course book in the Bible Baptist Bookstore and catalog.  Our ministry has grown tremendously as a result and we have been able to reach thousands for Christ with our material both in the USA and abroad. I am thankful that he found my material good enough to recommend and put out.  Helping in this respect also is the missionary support from Bible Baptist Church which has been a special blessing.  After Dr. Ruckman had already done so much for our ministry, in 2007 he awarded me a Doctorate for the BOL book and my work with jail and prison inmates over the years. This was a tremendous blessing to me personally for the confidence he placed in me by this award. Obviously, Dr. Ruckman, and his ministry has been a great influence the whole trip, from my salvation to the present day.

Now, as I write this testimony some twenty-eight (28) years after being saved, with a twenty-three (23) year ministry of my own behind me, I can truthfully say that God used Dr. Ruckman to prepare me for the Lord’s work. I have heard many “big name” preachers preach and teach, and read from many, but none can touch Dr. Ruckman’s work for being plain, understandable, and scriptural. His unfaltering and uncompromising stand for the written Word of God, the King James Bible, has been a beacon for me to follow. My own ministry is patterned after his uncompromising position on that Book as the Christian’s final authority in all matters of faith and practice. I believe that is the root and basis of what success the Lord has granted my work.

 In summary, Dr. Ruckman has taught me to love the Lord, believe the Book, don’t compromise, be consistent and don’t quit.  By example, he has shown me that when the going gets rough, to trust in, and focus on, Jesus Christ, and then move out full speed ahead for Him.  DR. Ruckman is my Christian Brother, my mentor, and my friend.

In these last days as I see more and more Bible Believing preachers and Christians fall by the wayside and out of the ministry, I pray God will grant me the grace to be as faithful to our Saviour as the ole “war horse” Peter S. Ruckman has been for some sixty years.  May his reward be great for what he has done for me and others.

Chaplain Ted L. Warmack, D.D.
Bible Believer’s Outreach Inc.