Bread of Life – Bible Believers Fundamental Bible Study Course


Bread of Life

Bible Believer’s Fundamental Bible Study Course Vol 1 – English

A useful, basic theological guide. The Chapters are divided into sections of Spiritual, Devotional, Doctrinal, Future Prophecy and Christian Growth. Contains chapters on subjects that many tend to avoid such as the Trinity, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Hell, Tongues, Separation, Tithing and Capital Punishment. Good for any reader – comprehensive, but not overwhelming. (281 Pages)



There will always be someone who has heard or been taught something different than some of these lessons. However, as any serious Bible student knows, all heresy is taught by taking verses out of the context in which they were written. We are confident that we can prove proper context of all Bread of Life material as being accurate teaching for Christians in the Church Age Dispensation wherein we now live. Some of the lessons will explain this in more detail and show the student how to use certain principles so they can always rightly divide the Word of God (II Tim. 2:15).

A great portion of our ministry is to jails and prisons where Bible Studies and materials are free to inmates. As the Lord provides we will also furnish the Studies free to those on the outside who cannot afford the purchase price. BBO is supported entirely by donations as the Lord leads others to give for His work. We ask for your prayers that the Lord will continue to provide.

Our desire is that the student grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and that these lessons are an aid to that Spiritual growth. We recommend that you always pray for wisdom and understanding prior to beginning any lesson. Hopefully, these studies will be a blessing to you and we encourage you to write and let us know if they have helped or if you have questions. May our Lord richly bless those who seek Him and His Word.

Section I Spiritual
1 Repentance ~ 2 Trinity of God and Man ~ 3 Necessity For Salvation ~ 4 Understanding Salvation ~ 5 Baptism Of The Holy Spirit ~ 6 Walking In The Spirit

Section II Devotional
1 A Study On Faith ~ 2 Understanding Prayer ~ 3 Forgiveness ~ 4 Armor Of God ~ 5 Christian Suffering

Section III Doctrinal
1 Dispensations ~ 2 The Deity of Jesus Christ ~ 3 Which Bible Is God’s Book? ~ 4 Is the Bible True? ~ 5 Study on Water Baptism ~ 6 Eternal Security ~ 7 All About Hell ~ 8 Facts About Tongues ~ 9 Separation ~ 10 Soul Winning ~ 11 What About Tithing? ~ 12 Healing

Section IV Future Prophecy
1 The Rapture ~ 2 Christian Judgment ~3 The Anti-Christ ~ 4 The Millennium ~ 5 White Throne Judgment ~ 6 Future Prophecy/Chart

Section V Christian Growth
1 The World ~ 2 The Flesh ~ 3 The Devil ~ 4 Addictions ~ 5 Capital Punishment ~ 6 Characteristics of God ~ 7 Sound Doctrine ~ 8 Gossip and Slander ~ 9 Sexual Sins ~ 10 Two Creations? Fact or Fiction? ~ 11 Defeating Your Goliath ~ 12 Imaginations and Fantasies

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