Is the Bible Really True? If So, Which One?


See proof the Bible is God’s Book! The Bible proved scientifically, the Bible proved mathematically, the Bible proved prophetically, counterfeit versions exposed and the God honored version revealed. (43 pages)



This booklet is compiled from the author’s previous works in an effort to bring two of the most important questions of our day together into one small, comprehensive booklet.

Addressing, first of all, in Chapter one, the age old question, “Is The Bible Really True?” , along with the next logical question in chapter two, “If So, Which One?”

Chapter one cites a very small amount of the proof (both scientific and mathematical) that is available proving that man could not possibly have authored the Holy Bible alone. Without God’s foreknowledge directing man, the three hundred Bible prophecies that have already been fulfilled, would have never been recorded in the first place.

While chapter one will make any reasonably intelligent person a believer, Chapter two offers proof of which one of the available two hundred thirty versions is the real God-breathed Bible He preserved for mankind.

The author’s hope is that this knowledge will make an eternal difference in some lives while helping others, already saved, to become more confident in their Bible.

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