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A Media Ministry To Jails and Prisons Across the World

“…I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” Mat. 25:36

Bible Believer’s Outreach Inc. is a Bible believing evangelical ministry dedicated to spreading the Gospel (I Cor. 15:1-4) of the Lord Jesus Christ and disciplining those who are already saved. To that end we furnish materials free to inmates and missionaries as the Lord provides. We don’t ask for donations, but we will ask for your prayers to provide for us as the Lord wills.

We provide KJV Bibles, The Bread Of Life Bible Study Course, CDs, DVDs, Preaching, Teaching, and Counseling to those hungry for the Truth.

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Bible Believer’s Outreach, Inc. (BBO) is a non-profit corporation dedicated
to furthering the cause of The Lord Jesus Christ and His written Word
through the publication and distribution of Christian materials
augmented by preaching and teaching God’s Book.

The ministry is supported by donations from those God moves to send us support.
We do not solicit donations, but rather pray and depend on the Lord to supply the ministry needs. And, He always does! However, we do solicit the prayers of God’s people for the ministry and also that we labor according to God’s will.

We thank you for your support through prayer and/or donations and we affirm our commitment to furthering the truth of God’s Word and the Bread of Life ministry. All proceeds from book sales and donations are used to print and furnish more books and KJV Bibles for inmates, to support ministry expenses, and for books and tracts for missionaries and other jail/prison ministries.

The Bread Of Life Bible Believer’s Fundamental Bible Study Course has been distributed to inmates and students in 39 States in the USA and Missionaries in eight foreign countries. It is currently being used in numerous churches, children’s homes, and institutions as a study guide for those seeking the Truth.


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