Seeking His Fellowship


Learn how to Fellowship with God. Learn about the desire of God’s heart, the awesome fruits of fellowship, how the church drifted away, some fellowship killers to avoid, preparing your heart for fellowship and a guide to walking in the light.
(170 pages)



The purpose of this booklet is to bring the more imminent future prophecy to the forefront of the minds and hearts of the reader. For literally hundreds of years people have spoken in awe of the coming Antichrist with the great power he will wield and the devastation he will bring to mankind and the earth.

Although much has been said, little has been taught, at least accurately, on this subject of the “man of sin.” this small booklet will lay the foundation necessary for understanding the Antichrist and his mission detailed in the book of Revelation.

Although this is far from a detailed work on the subject, it will hit the important points and aspects of the coming Tribulation period along with the workings of the Antichrist.

We will detail, with Scripture, his name, number, sign, mark, race, and religion before we are finished. So, buckle up! It is going to be a wild ride.

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